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@2019-09-10 14:33:37
Hi Everyone:

I would just like some input with regards to the CFAI textbook vs. AnalystNotes for economics level 1.

Is it recommended to take a shortcut and read economics only from AnalystNotes and have the CFA book as a reference - or does AnalystNotes miss a lot of material? I have taken only one macroeconomics course (I am an engineer).

Thx and GTLA Dec. '18 Level I writers!

@2019-09-22 15:51:21
Econ is worth 10% of the exam, but has one HUGE book it's a lot of material. I'd suggest you use AnalystNotes and aim to start practice exams 1 month before the exam. Then revert to CFAI textbook for areas where you need more detail.
@2020-01-06 19:32:22
This time around I read CFAi books, highlighted and then went back and made flashcards. Then I did the readings at the end. One month prior, I did AnalystNotes Qbank and questions on here and the sample and mock exams.

Doing it over, I would have read CFAi, highlighted, then would have gone to analystnotes to get a better understand of hard basic topics that they simplify. And then go back and make flash cards from CFAi books and reread stuff that AN doesn't cover.

I feel like I should have used a 3rd party system to get a better understanding of the basics earlier on that CFAi gave too much detail on.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach