AuthorTopic: Effective study hours for the June level 1 exam
@2018-12-20 16:35:22
Heyyy :)

I have been studying for the June exam from Nov 27. I would like to know whether I can better my method of studying.

Everyday morning I study two readings of any book. I prefer not to get bored with one book so I do TWO chapters of any book or two different books daily. and on the weekends I revise one chapter.each day so that I remember.

I'm doing the CFAI text book and not looking the reference guides such as analystnotes I feel like the books skip stuff..probably doesn't so i thought I would use that for revision in the months of April and May, and I heard that its mock exams are really good.

I plan to finish the entire CFAI text by the end of February or beginning of March as I will be traveling.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanking you all so much :)
@2018-12-24 12:46:09
I just wrote Dec exam so here's my tips:

- Don't bother with CFAI books (except for ethics), get a study guide and use the CFAI books as a reference. I started with the CFAI books but I couldn't retain much information and I ended up switching to AN notes in September. I felt AnalystNotes did a pretty good job covering all materials. There will be for sure a few questions on the exam that you haven't seen/don't remember, but you can just guess and try to ace all the other parts

- The sections of the FRA and econ are connected. E.g. in FRA, you'll first learn about cash flow statement, then in subsequent readings you'll learn the impact on cash flow due to inventory, leases, etc. So you might want to read those together.
@2019-03-25 07:09:41
I'd suggest you maintain a book to note down certain points in FRA. FRA is as much about knowing the exceptions as you know the rules. In fact lay more stress on the exceptions and note them down reading wise.

Other than that you are doing pretty okay, but you should be doing all the End Of Chapter Q's from the CFA books and need to understand the complex ones rather than just cram them in.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!