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@2018-09-12 14:08:36
I signed up for the CFA 1 exam a couple years ago, but ended up starting a new job with 2 months to go and gave up on studying. Now i'm thinking of taking the Dec exam (wish I had decided sooner) and am trying to come up with an acton plan. I typically work 11 hours Mon-Fri, so have limited time and energy on weekdays. In addition I'm learning a new language and trying to find a new job. At best I'm thinking I can manage 1.5 hours on weekdays, and maybe 8 hours over the weekend. Can this possibly be sufficient to get me prepared in 4 months' time? I have a general business degree and work in the financial industry, but am not in an analyst type of role.

If I can get a decent amount of studying done before the registration deadline, then i'll sign up, otherwise I'll delay again. In terms of study material - can I start with some sections of my 2015 AnalystNotes material? I assume nothing has changed in the quant sections, for example I'm reluctant to sink more money into prep material before I'm sure that i'll go ahead. Should I consider going with Schweser? Any study material for the iPad would be enormously helpful as I want to try to study on my commute and during breaks without everyone noticing.
@2018-09-14 16:14:09
I think the best bet is to go with CFAI books on your iPad, and use your analystnotes material as a supplement. Put any extra money on mock exams. I used the electronic copy on my Mac Air and loved the convenience of highlighting with the VitalSource software, made it very quick and convenient to review.
@2018-10-06 04:03:57
To the best of my knowledge the QM material is the same as in 2015 except for Technical Analysis, which is totally different. You can start with using AN's free trial as all the QM notes and questions are free and they're excellent.

The CFA vitalsource app is great and AN's stuff works great on the Ipad as well. Once you're done with Ethics and QM you should have a better idea where you stand and whether you need additional study materials.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz