AuthorTopic: Egypt CFA candidates
@2007-01-07 14:39:30
Hi, any one from Egypt?
@2007-01-18 23:01:49
im ahmed im trying to know how much should i pay and how can i pay?
@2007-09-22 13:58:27
am studying cfa level 1 am from cairo my fone is 0124108738 any body wanna share idias stdy to geather wht so ever plz contact me
@2007-09-25 14:12:54
i need cfa in egypt ?
@2007-10-25 03:11:40
hi guys am from cairo and study L1 CFA. i study to enter june 2008 exam, let's our studing and opinions to courage us .
my cullur is 0105310495

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Colin Sampaleanu

Colin Sampaleanu