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@2016-05-30 03:18:49

I graduated as an Electrical engineer in Dec 2013 with a GPA of 4.1. I worked as a project engineer in a training post last year, and now am a trainee (yet again!) in the telecomms industry; which is where I thought I would be happy.
I am beginning to think that engineering is a field where I won't be really happy - I've thought this in varying degrees from my undergrad days.
I find the CFA route appealing, but what are the prospects? Will I be able to sit for all three levels if i continue to work in my current capacity? Is there anyone out there that has taken this route? Would you advise it or not?
Thanks for your time. Would really appreciate any feedback you have! =)
@2016-06-03 14:49:33
Interesting, I am also same as you from a different background IT.

I did my bachelor's in Mechanical Engg and trained and working in IT field for 12 years. Now since last 2 years i am so obsessed with finance and stock market i am planning to change my career from IT to Finance.

I thought this is the best route to move to finance because i didn't want to Mba since i want to focus only in finance field.

I have started my preparation for Dec 2016 exam and planning to complete Level I and II exam and then start looking for Finance job.
@2017-07-21 04:39:07
indeed this is a possible route. Of cos I cannot guarantee that doing a cfa will 100% land you a job in financial field as it also depends on your interview skills too. (to convince the employer that u r really suitable for this industry)

an experience to share: I have a friend who had an engineering degree. Two years after he worked in an engineering company, he wanted to change field. He was doing his CFA while he was working in the engineering firm and he completed all three levels successfully. a smart guy. Then he was able to use what he learned in CFA to impress the employer and got a job in a financial institution. However, don't expect u'd be a fund manager earning high bonus immediately as he is still green in the industry despite completing 3 levels. You still need 4 years finance related work experience to be really a charter.

Hope this helps!
@2019-07-31 00:29:59
A friend of mine studied Electronic Engineering at university (graduated) but he also wanted to land a graduate job in finance with zero work experience. He said, he came across a financial education website called bluebookacademy . com which gives practical online finance courses and the chance to get certified (saw on his LinkedIn). I myself did a lot of their online courses which are all free and paid for their CPD accredited certificates. My friend started getting interview calls with PwC, Deutsche Bank and John Lewis for graduate roles in finance and accounting and they all said they were impressed with his subject knowledge. I hope when I get a certificate, my certificates would carry great value.

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