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@2019-09-05 14:11:39
I started thinking about CFA L1 in june , but only able to finish quant till stats and ethics ! Yes, I am lazy engineer who is in a habit of doing every thing in the end. But, I am doing this from last 25 years where i kill my self in last few months..

So I am panicked now. Today wake up at 4:00 study till 8 finished statistical part of quants. After work will go home around 7 and will practice the questions till 9. This will be pretty much how i will study for next three months !

Lets see how it goes, but now i know why people say start early..:).

Have a good day !
@2019-09-16 02:48:00
There are 60+ readings. You've done 12 already, so that leaves you with 55 readings to go in 3 months.

I recommend leaving at least 1 month at the end to review and do mock exams/sample tests, etc. The way I see it, you have 64 days left (starting tomorrow) to do 55 readings. I'd easily divide that up to 1 reading per day. That leaves you with a little over a month to review and do whatever else that needs to get done.

There's no need to panic just yet- plan out a feasible schedule and just follow through. Most engineers I knew back from undergrad found my accounting and finance classes as pretty 'easy', so I personally don't think you are disadvantged by a lot. Needless to say, don't get too overconfident by leaving everything to the end.

Good luck with your studies!!! :)
@2020-01-15 23:43:55
Make a plan of how much you wish to study each week from this week to exam day. Try to budget 300 hours.

I highly recommend you stick with a fairly regular and consistent schedule rather than leaving it all to the last minute.. but definitely budget MORE for the final month.

Since you?re an engineer.. use the following as a guideline:

Budget X hours each week.. except for the last month, budget 1.5X each week.

Solve for X such that the total # of hours you budgeted is at least 300.

Then stick to the plan! Try to do some studying on the weekdays but if you?ve fallen short of X (or 1.5X) each week, make it up on the weekend!

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