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@2018-08-11 00:56:32
Hi guys,

First time poster but I have been trailing these forums for the last month trying to get some insight on the CFA Charter and the required steps. I'm not in any advanced stage in my career/goals but I am hoping to further myself by obtaining the charter over the years. I've notice a few mixed answers regarding entry requirements specific to me to take the Level 2 & 3 exams so I decided to email CFAI for a direct response. I will post my email chain below but will provide cliff notes for those in somewhat similar situation;

Summary of myself;

26 years old
Looking to take on CFA LEVEL 1 in June 2018
2 Year Canadian College Graduate - Diploma in Accounting. I do not hold a 4 Year Degree.
5+ Years of basic Financial Experience (A/R, Collections, Billing, Reporting)
Currently working for a public consulting company as a billing administrator. I am fairly close with our Financial Analyst and I hope he could take me under his wing once I let him know of my plans.

What CFAI Responded with;
> To be able to register for the Level II exam a candidate would need a bachelor's/equivalent degree or higher. However, if you do not possess a degree or have not yet completed your degree requirements, you can satisfy the requirements for Level II by having a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years.
>Work experience is not required to be investment field related when attempting to qualify to register for any of the CFA Program exams and is only required to be full-time, professional work. At least four years of qualified investment work experience is only required to be approved for Regular membership with CFA Institute to be eligible to receive the CFA charter.

I sort of figured this for myself by looking at the CFAI website but they only mentioned those basic requirements for Level 1 page, however after trying to reconfirm on the forums I wasn't so certain anymore. Thankfully CFAI responds promptly :)

I look forward to chatting on these forums with you guys.
@2018-08-28 00:06:48
1. Register for the December exam. You have plenty of time.

2. Don't worry about anything regarding Level II until you pass Level I.

3. Up your reading comprehension if you plan on passing Level II. If you can't understand the requirements based on what they publish on their website, you will not be able to answer their questions.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!