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@2017-03-15 02:48:35

I have an interview for an equity analyst position next week and will have to complete the following task..

"You should familiarise yourself with Portuguese based energy group, Energias de Portugal (EDP) using whatever means you deem necessary. On the day you will be provided with a fictitious piece of news likely to impact upon EDP in some manner. You will also be provided with current market prices of both EDP debt and EDP equity.
The task will require you to prepare a short written report, providing a summary of the news item and how it impacts upon EDP. In addition you will be required to make an investment recommendation for the bonds and shares, utilising and disclosing information to support your recommendation. A PC installed with the Microsoft Office 2010 suite and Internet access will be made available alongside hard copies of the last 5 years report & accounts for EDP. You may bring along any other materials that you wish to utilise for the task."

Does anyone know the best way to tackle this? What type of fictitious news is likely to be provided?

I plan to complete some comps analysis on the day to value the equity - although not quite sure how the fictitious news will be incorporated into my analysis. For the bonds recommendation I will look at all the typical financial ratios..I don?t see this being too challenging.

Cheers, Adam

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