AuthorTopic: Ethics - Global Inv - Optional Section
@2017-11-24 16:10:19
Should we go through the Optional section? Is it really optional or are there questions on the exam that relate to this section?

I'm hoping I dont have to and NO i do not want to read it for interest. After reading tonnes of this stuff I have little time for interest.

Thanks guys.
@2017-12-02 07:25:05
Cmon guys? any advice?
@2017-12-03 05:56:50
Nope optional section is given for better understanding and there will be no questions exclusively from the optional section
@2017-12-20 10:02:47
Thanks...sweet...optional sections are not really something you look forward to on an exam with 8 million pages of readings....

I would read it if it would make other sections easier to understand but i doubt it would.

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