AuthorTopic: Ethics Jurisdiction question
@2015-01-23 16:26:18
I had a practice question the other day that went something along the lines of this:

Joe Shmoe is an advisor who works for a company based in NYC but lives in Romania. In Romania, they allow trading on insider info. He trades on insider info for his clients. Which of the following should he adhere to?

a) stricter of NY and Romania
b)stricter of CFAI and Romania
c)stricter of NY, Romania or CFAI

Now I know the answer would be C if in the question Joe had been listed as a CFA charterholder. However, the question did not mention that he was a charterholder, nor did it say "according to SOPH, which should he adhere to?" Any suggestions as to what the answer may be? I didnít complete that practice test so I donít know what the answer was.

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Craig Baugh