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@2010-05-15 11:14:47
Bill Owens obtained his CFA charter in 2007, and began using the following letterhead:
William J. Owens,* CFA**
222 Main Street Bank Building
Anywhere, USA

*member, CFA Institute
**received CFA charter September 2007
In 2008, Owens did not renew his membership in CFAI.

Accordingly, he must modify his letterhead by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
A) deleting the "CFA" following his name.
B) deleting the reference to when he received his CFA charter.
C) deleting the reference to CFAI membership.
D) none; all references to "CFAI" and "CFA" must be deleted.
@2010-05-16 07:45:47
i go with C -- still ok to keep cfa by his name. but once you stop paying dues you are no longer a member of CFAI. statement of when you receive the charter is a fact. i don't ever remember reading that you can't place an asterisk after the letters CFA.
@2010-06-03 10:21:39
now i'm glad i took a look at this question. and agree with B. just looked in the book:

p. 21 "once a CFA charterholder stops paying dues, the right to use the CFA designation is suspended."

p. 22 "individuals may state the year the designation was received ..."

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