AuthorTopic: Ethics section has changed?
@2010-03-23 07:55:05
Can I buy the book on ethics for the 2010 Level I exam separately? My friend gave me the 2007 books, but as I understand it, the ethics section has changed the most since then. Is it a bad idea to use old books?
@2010-04-17 22:31:01
Level 1 ethics has three parts:

1. code of ethics and professional standards
2. GIPS standards
3. corporate governance

There is a new version of the professional standards handbook that went into effect January 1, 2006. You can buy it from the CFAI Institute for about $30. Most of the content is also offered for free on the CFA website.

The handbook covers the code of ethics and the professional standards but it does NOT address GIPS or corporate governance.
@2010-05-03 06:53:39
You can also find Ethics on-line and for free:

I guess this might help you.

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