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@2018-03-16 20:07:36
Hi everyone,

Some questions that may be no brainers (checked CFA site but no joy) here goes:

Two sessions am and pm - that's clear but do you do half of the sections in the morning and the other half in the pm? For example do you do ethics, quants, econ, FRA and then Fi,EQT,derv,Alt,Corp. & Port. or 50 per cent of everything in both the am and pm?

Can you bring in a triangle ruler (trival perhaps but would like to know)

Do they make you write down the time you and then sign when you need to go to the bathroom (my university did this) or maybe you have to hold it for the three hours?

Thanks All
@2018-04-08 09:36:37
you have all the sessions tested in BOTH the exams - AM and PM exams

I dont remember even taking a ruler - ck it out whether it is allowed

you go to bathroom on your own time. But CFA is not a speed testing exam - so a 2 min break wont hurt u much. I have on an generally finished (i am a CFA level 3 candidate and passed all 2 levels with analystnotes study aids) the exams in 2.5 hours max.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh