AuthorTopic: Exam day suggestions
@2019-04-19 13:26:50
Good luck on your exam day.

Here a few things I learned about passing L1

1) after you blow through ethics, you'll get to quant. One of the first, second, or third quant questions will be really hard, and very time consuming, maybe a covariance or standard deviation. If you get stuck on in, move on right away. They put it there on purpose, so you will fall behind on time for the rest of the exam.

2) L1 is all about finding the questions you know, and not wasting time on super hard long time consuming questions.

3) When you skip a q, circle it, so you know to come back to it. You'll be much more relaxed coming back to it once you have already completed the entire exam.

4) don't talk to anybody before the exam or during the break. Why do I say this? Because what if they say to you "That was easy. Bla bla bla," You don't want that on your mind.

5) bring your own food to the test. I suggest a sandwich or two. You want food that fills you, but won't make you tired.

You've studied hard, so go get 'em!
@2019-04-24 06:14:49
Great advice, want something that doesn't fill up too much that you'd be snoring. One thing to factor in is its summer time, at least in the northern hemisphere, that you don't want consume spoiled food that you checked only to have a nasty afternoon session.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!