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@2003-11-14 13:44:25

Just some suggestions if I may, for the exam design:

- it'd be great if questions could be grouped by LOS or subjects. When I'm going to practice hardly on my weak topics, I found it's quite time consuming to screen questions one by one to locate all questions testing one particular topic, even sent some Qs to favorite folder, still need time to dig-out the ones.

- it'd be helpful that questions with answers are numbered, or at least are kept at the same positions as they're in the exam, for easy chasing when we go through answers and "exam review" back and forth.

- and where is the link of "Check Study Notes / LOS"? It's gone from the explanation part since something was wrong with this link for days. Everytime when you click the link, you'd be logged out automatically and lost everything you did!! The link worked well months ago, then problem happened, then it's gone eventually. Could it be fixed soon? Without the link, we can't "travel" in between of the Notes and our answers, 'coz the web site blocks browser's "Back" function. More links to main parts of the site turn to be very important if we are so poor that we lost the little cute "Back" icon on your site.

And thank you for notice!
@2003-11-21 21:07:37
I would find it really helpful to have the glossary in a printable format. I read the notes on the bus, and feel that I could benefit by having the glossary in a portable form too.
@2003-12-05 13:49:51
Yeah, I agree. It would be very helpful if we could travel "BACK"..
@2005-01-07 21:16:28
"back" would be good but I think the links of browsing the site are enough.
@2005-03-13 18:36:58
I an very pleased with the quality of the notes and the questions. On suggestion: the exam results
are posted with a "good" sign and a "bad" sign, would be easy if would be also the correct letter.

thank you
@2005-04-10 13:50:11
Hi Mike,
I will sure need a copy of the summarised note/questions& answers if possible.

@2005-06-01 17:29:54
A formula sheet of the main formulas from each Section would be great
@2005-10-15 15:48:44
Please can anyone advise me on how and where to get free sample questions.

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