AuthorTopic: exam format change in 2021
@2020-03-20 09:34:52
CFA Institute recently announced it will move the Level I CFA Program exam to a computer-based format in 2021 with four sittings a year, instead of the current two. We asked Richie Owens to break down the changes coming to the CFA Program Exam in 2021 and what it means for candidates.
Each quarter, in the second month (February, May, August, and November) there will be an exam window of no more than 7 days that candidates can test within.
CFA Institute is reducing the number of questions from 240 to 180. The exam will still have a morning and an afternoon session. Each session will have 90 questions and will each be 2 hours and 15 minutes long.
@2020-04-03 01:33:22
What's not changed:

how you prepare for the exam won’t change. Other aspects of the exam that will remain the same are:
- The 10 exam topics
- Passing rates and calculations
- Registration fee (although there will be a $250 rescheduling fee for students who need to retake the exam)
- Students who pass Level I cannot take Level II until the following yea
@2020-04-12 10:29:53
CFA Institute just announced that the curriculum content will not change for the 2021 exams.

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