AuthorTopic: Exam status
@2008-06-07 18:57:44
How was the exams
@2008-06-08 19:46:16
it wasn't tough, lots of theories, little calculation for L1. Tho, I am still not confident in passing.
@2008-06-08 23:36:04
If anything it was easier than I would have expected. As per the above it mostly contanted theory with little calculations. Each question contained at most two questions i.e. Are they breaking this rule or that rule or both etc? All questions are well written and are easy to understand. And as expect the exam covered a very broad range of all topics.

Was it just me or did anyone else find the second half harder than the first?
@2008-06-09 05:04:08
I missed the test ...So whats your say on this one.....Am i better off by not attempting the test..... or worse off....
What do you expect The overall pass rate to be greater than 39% ie Dec 2007??
@2008-06-09 09:02:31
afternoon was much harder yes, i mostly got caught out with the random theory questions, since i didn't prepare that thorough. the calculations were a joke compared to UNI, but as i say, the theory was asked in depth. If i fail i will surely concentrate more on the theory!

Ethics paper 1, was A LOT EASIER and to the point than analystnotes. paper 2, the ethics was very similiar. quants were really easy, eco's was tricky, FSA was relatively okay except for those odd theory, asset valuation was tricky and also had lot of theory i didnt know, portfolio management was easy.

i felt like i most likely got 60%...sigh what a FAIL
@2008-06-09 14:53:59
the afternoon was definitely harder than the morning. Lots of thoery. I was excited to get a math question.
@2008-06-09 16:00:27
I got out of the first session so excited because I thought I nailed it. Then I went into the second session which was no doubt harder than the first session!! I really dont know if I passed or not.
If I didnt, I know for sure I can in Dec.

Also, I think does a great job despite none of the many people i talked with having ever heard about it. That didnt make me feel to good that they hadnt heard about it.
I almost positive some of the practice questions on this site where actually on the exam. I laughed to myself when I came to those questions.
@2008-06-09 16:22:37
Yes, it was bit harder
@2008-06-10 09:21:26
The morning one was harder. Probably because I'm not a morning person. I was able to finish the second session with so much time remaining that I began second guessing myself as I reviewed the exam. Some of the changes were not too smart.
@2008-06-10 11:10:04
Finally got confused is it better to appear in June or December from the past analysis??
@2008-06-11 21:02:20
who else here is agonizing over waiting for the results to L1? i thought the morning session was easier. got done an hour early and reviewed everything changed some answers. part 2 got done half hour early and was able to check most of it.
I really really really really hope i passed.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz