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@2011-11-17 00:53:49
can anyone advise as to the structure of the L1 exam? I know its split into two halves but which topics will be tested in the first and which in the second or is that not known?

@2011-11-17 20:22:16
I think that all sections will be in both halves of the exam...
@2011-11-18 13:31:31
Traditionally on Level I and II exams, all topics are covered in the morning session and all topics are covered again (with different questions) in the afternoon session. On the Level III exam, some topics are covered in the morning session only and other topics are covered in the afternoon session only.

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@2012-04-24 10:56:36
How many questions are there in the first half and in the second half?

We are given 3hours each session right?
@2012-04-27 09:53:51
120 in the morning and 120 in the afternoon. it's allocated at about 1.5min per question
@2015-08-20 22:45:21
How to do effective time management?
@2018-09-13 11:15:12

1. know your calculator inside out
2. know the formulas inside out
3. do every problem on analyst notes twice
4. still trying to figure this out myself

taking lvl 1 in dec 2018, so i'm in the same boat as you

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