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Hi, to all.

Lets have some idea about exam procedure:

2 sessions of 3 hrs each: 1st half begins at 9am and you get 120 questions, then 2 hrs break and then 2nd sessions begins at 2pm - 120 questions. Focus equally on both sessions.

No Negative making: 240 multiple choice questions with 3 options, if you don't know an answer eliminate the obviously incorrect answer and make a guess for remaining options. Don't leave any question unmarked.

Don't spend too much time on one question, you should spend approx 1.5 min/question, if you are unable to solve it move ahead.

Don't leave any subject: The passing score is the weighted average score of all the subjects, so you have to prepare for all the subjects.

Score high in Ethics, FSA, Fixed Income & Quants: These are high weighted subjects, and good score in these will increase your chances of clearing the exam. It's compulsory to pass in Ethics to clear the exam.
@2019-04-17 13:29:27
You last point on Ethics is 100% false. From CFAI FAQ:

Do I have to pass each of the individual topic areas in order to pass an exam level?

No. As long as you achieve a total score above the minimum passing score (MPS) set by the CFA Institute Board of Governors, you would pass the exam regardless of your performance on any individual topic. However, we advise against any 'test wise' strategy that recommends ignoring a topic in your study. Offsetting a zero score in a topic could be difficult. Also review the ethics adjustment FAQ for additional information.Most important, an objective of the CFA Program is to develop candidate knowledge and skills to a generalist level in all covered topics. Employers have found this is one of the competitive advantages of charterholders.

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