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@2004-12-04 19:14:52
i thought the second half of the exam was way harder then the first. Ethics section killed me in the morning and afternoon. I read a couple of the ethical questions in the morning and thought there were no mistakes on the part of the people in question. What did everybody else think?
@2004-12-04 22:54:27
I think the 2nd half is easier, maybe I just got used to it. I agree that the ethics questions are pretty hard.
@2004-12-04 23:15:51
i thought the 2nd half was much harder, the first half was not bad at all. ethic sucks, didn't have enough time, dang it.
@2004-12-05 04:12:20
I felt first session was bit tough, but the question from Accounting (and Ethics as usual) were extremely time consuming, hence I really ran out of time.
@2004-12-05 09:27:33
I spoke to a few people in the London one, most of them ran out of time, had to put "A" for the last 10-20 questions!
Ethics Qs were much harder than the ones in all the mocks. Nothing on probability in the whole 240 Qs apart from the one about the stocks pricing in an event to different extents. Hardly anything on TVM like annuities or saving for kids college etc. Lots on correlation and regression instead which i didn't revise enough. And did I miss anything, or was there nothing on Z/T/F/Chi2 stats - they didn't give us tables di they? DuPont, ROE, dividends seemed like most important thing. Afternoon Economics seemed more difficult to me. Bias against derivatives with like 4 questions on options out of 240. Overall, if i needed low-mid sixties to pass, i should be OK. I think no one ran out of time doing mocks and they say 70% in mocks is a good indication, so hopefully it could be much lower for real one. I don't know pass rates for each place just the overall but London has the highest in the world apparently, but if just 40%, it wouldn't make me feel any better.
RE Ethics: The first one about the PR - he doesn't need to mention his stock holding in the PR only in the research, right? And the one with the supervisor who won't let her send the info to AIMR, only the supervisor or both breaking rules?
@2004-12-05 09:32:55
Room was very cold and chairs where very bad. In Statistics Sharp Ratio questions where repeated in both morning and evening. Questions on EPS and du-point where very tricky. I beleieve ethics was ok type.
@2004-12-05 10:30:00
FRANKFURT - we took the exam in a hall of the Frankfurt Messe - about 300 people I guess - it was VERY cold and some girl walked with high-heels through the room which disturbed everybody. Otherwise the exam seemed fair to me. Ethics was hard (as always as I heard) and the first part had "many many" mathematial questions in it, which killed my timing and I had to guess some questions in the end. The second one was good for me, though response from others was mixed. ... I keep my fingers crossed for all of us! ... See you next year for level II. - chatman
@2004-12-05 10:33:15
It was surprised that they have similar questions in morning and afternoon sessions, but it is much harder in the afternoon session. I try to time the exam, and able to answer all questions, however, lots of questions I have no ideas on, I just gave my best guess. I don't think I will pass the exam, but it is a good experience to sit through the entire day. I will go for June Level one again if I don't pass this time. Good luck for all!!
@2004-12-05 11:33:39
i must say that intially i was kinda nervous since this was my first attempt but the experience was good. not to forget that i did find the papers very tricky to say the least. but going by the posts above if 60-70% is passing then i feel i have a fair chance of coming through... still lets hope for the best...

@2004-12-06 04:39:06
I ran out of time, and was far too nervous doing the first exam plus the ethics questions on it seemed a lot harder and took a lot longer which meant I had less time to do the (rather time consuming) finance questions. Despite this the asset valuation questions seemed not too bad, same for economics and quant. Second paper definitely did not seem so hard.

Does anyone know what the pass mark is? Is it fixed at 70% or do they adjust it depending on how well folk do?

@2004-12-06 22:50:00
Ethics part is so difficult! The problems are not difficult, but we need more time to do them.
@2004-12-06 22:50:43
What percentage of correction can make up pass the level 1???

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