AuthorTopic: Expected Pass rate for 2006 June exam 28-30%??
@2006-06-09 11:32:44
After carefully reviewing CFAI's website, it "looks like" that the exam is not curved and the scores of candidates in the top 1% have remained pretty stable over the years. There is an article that talks about the decline in scores in detail.

Given the difficulty level of the exam (from people on this board who have taken the exam earlier), it appears that the scores are going to drop again!

Since the difficulty level has gone up and the scores of top 1% are not going to change significantly from prior years, my prediction for the pass rate for June 2006 exam is 28-30%

What do you guys think?
@2006-06-09 15:48:06
i just read the doc, and saw that they use something called the angoff method. here is a pretty understandable description of the angoff method. however this description is probably not exactly what cfai uses.
@2006-06-10 13:39:41
I have already hedged my losses in case I don't pass by betting against myself passing. A couple of people at my work took my bet that I will pass and I took the other side.

So, if I pass, I will pay those people, but no need to pay level 1 fees again :^)

(Got to use those hedging lessons from the prep)
@2006-06-12 06:09:25
I think the pass rate will hold close to last dec. around 34%.

You have to remember that if you studied and prepared well you are already in the top 50%. But to be in the top 33% that's a little tougher.
There is a fine line between passing and failing. I bet most ppl here are hoping to be the passing side of the line.

I just hope our ethics scores are good enough to pull us through... (anybody remember what GIPS stands for?)

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