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@2009-01-24 17:21:55
Dear Reader,
I am issam mosleh learning business administration last year prospective date of graduation septemper 2009. I am planning to do the CFA in june 2009. i like this sites anaylst notes it is very important and wonderful. i want to begin preparing my self from now because CFA it is not easy and it needs to much time and studying. I want to ask you if i passed level one how much is my expected salary. i know that i must have experience, i am working to find a job in finance and investment.

Thank You.
@2009-01-29 06:58:46
Depends on where you are, what you'll do and how you'll do it, but definitely not on CFA Level 1.
@2009-02-01 17:28:36
i live in egypt and working as an accountant in a grouth company i`m fresh graduate 2008 if i finish part one how much is my expected salary ?
@2009-03-10 04:58:34
at least 150k
@2009-03-11 06:05:43
No, no, strongly desagree - at least 320k
@2009-03-11 10:08:11
I failed L1 and gonna move to egypt, got 220k :-)

please be serious!
@2009-03-26 05:16:39
Surely it all depends on where you are and the currency involved...
@2009-03-26 21:26:35
All CFA Charter holders in Egypt combined, if atall they exist, do not make 320K.
@2009-05-04 02:44:29
I m working in one of the big 4 accounting BPO firm in India. I have finished my M.B.A in Finance(part time) and planning to do CFA level 1. i have one year of work experience. Can I expect a higher salary and if yes than how much salary I can expect after I clear level 1?
@2009-05-04 12:21:29
May be yes, may me no, may be rain may be snow...
My experience: it depends heavily on your starting position and your records...
@2009-05-05 03:59:06
hi , i am working as a relationship manager , wealth management The royal bank of scotland and i am planing to do cfa level 1 i have 7 years banking experience including 1 year in investment dep. and i am living in uae , my question is how it will be my expected salary after level 1
@2009-05-09 11:06:05
For the time being, the more you work with the RBS the less your salary...
@2009-06-15 20:50:00
Level I is not enough to get you anywhere. Most people who take the exam seriously pass. Employers also know that the CFA is only a professional certification, rather than actual investment experience. Your salary will depend very much on your experience and value you will be bringing to the firm. That said, CFA certificate, in the end, is a valuable thing to have on your resume. You can find the salary information for CFAs online. Best of luck!
@2009-06-29 08:32:18
i am Ghana and the few ppl i know who have the L1
are earning close to 400k..but yr perience counts a lot!
@2009-07-09 17:46:35
just work hard and leave your salary to your ONE GOD
Good luck to you all
@2019-06-30 07:44:38
CFA does not necessarily mean you can command a higher salary. It gives you the tools to advance and perform you job efficiently. I think that is why the pay for charterholders is very high. I don't think it is because they passed three test. It also depends upon how well you leverage it. I work in Corp Finance in the US. I was suprised by how many people really do not know about the CFA program. It is definatly WAY more relevant in investment management that in Corp Finance. This is the first job out of college so I keep telling myself its all experience while I pass Level 2/3 and get ready for the MBA. Hopefully long term this will be well worth the effort.

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