AuthorTopic: Failed Level I Dec 2015
@2016-01-30 18:03:25
I'm feeling a bit discouraged, and still deciding whether to try again for December 2015. Anyone feeling the same way as me? I should have spent more time taking more practice exams, can't emphasize it enough... but more to that, it was difficult to commit the amount of time needed to study and I didn't realize that until after the exam was over. How naive!!

So for everyone who is fresh level 1 candidate, take this dear advice from me -- try to really get your "feet" into the mud and get comfortable with the level of difficulty.
@2016-02-21 07:33:09
I failed in December but cann't risk failing it again so defered my initial Jun 16 sitting to Dec 16.
@2016-02-23 10:01:23
Any one from UK?
@2016-02-28 22:59:00

I'm a new one who is interested in CFA exam. I have no any background and knowledge on financial. What I want to know is how I can start my first step,and level 1 will be given in June?

@2016-03-05 13:51:10
Thanks for advice. It is really nice to have a post from a person who has not passed. If you were brave enough to post this, you should defentely try one more time. Another question is whetether you want to study for levels II and III, since they will be at least as difficult as the first. :)

My qustion is there anybody who plans to take June exam after "unlucky" December ?

@2016-03-08 20:24:05
I failed L1 back almost 5 years ago, and decided to try again. Am taking in June. So far, I feel much more confident this time around (although guess I'll see come test day). I didn't do Analyst Notes last time and definitely didn't spend a lot of time working questions and problems like now, so I think I'll be much better prepared this time.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!