AuthorTopic: Failed the exam, not going to try again
@2008-07-29 08:14:31
Didnt pass it... But Im NOT gone try to take it again and again and again.

I had huge opportunity costs studying for the test:), of course I dont mention the sunk costs.

Congrats to those who pass, good luck to those who will try it again.
@2008-07-29 07:30:17
I was above 70% in all areas except for economics where i at 51-70%. i want to leave the office and call my ex-girlfriend who broke up with me a week before the exams. Thank God, AnalystNotes and my ex-girlfriend and all you guys who scared me to death!!

Level 1: Pass

The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area.

Multiple Choice Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70%
- Alternative Assets 12 - - *
- Derivatives 12 - - *
- Economics 24 - * -
- Equity Analysis 24 - - *
- Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - - *
- Financial Statement Analysis 68 - - *
- Fixed Income Analysis 24 - - *
- General Portfolio Management 12 - - *
- Quantitative Analysis 28 - - *
@2008-07-29 08:09:55
Passed it
Level 1: Pass

The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area....
@2008-07-29 08:36:52
sweet mother!! PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@2008-07-29 09:53:37
I've been lurking, and this is my first post. But congrats to all who passe, and looking forward to seeing you all in Level II!
@2008-07-29 10:13:20
I am going to write in Dec 2008... starting studies today.... Disappointed with my scores, though it is not a surprise (I relied solely on the textbook and did not do enough practice questions).
@2008-07-29 11:02:50
I passed level 1 with >70% in all but econ and quant. i started studying in april. i work full time and studied on my own using this website. here are my two cents about the prep

there are a lot of concepts to grasp and too many terms to remember, so instead of having 8-10 hour marathons on weekends, try to distribute study time over weekdays. i just decided that i'll take out about one-two hours every day. this way i was able to remember much more and my revision of all the subjects took less than a week.

then i took the analystnotes mock exams during ten days period before the exam. got around 70-75% on all of them and my exam results i guess are pretty close. the concepts tested in analystnotes mock exams more or less covered the whole exam, so most important thing is to atleast attempt all questions in analystnotes web site tests whether you time yourselves or not.

good luck!
@2008-07-29 11:44:30
Congratulations to all who passed. For those who failed this time, don't give up.
@2008-07-29 16:54:03
congratulations to people who passed. I failed and i'm so sad. I think i'll not take the exam soon. I studied so hardly.
@2008-07-29 17:01:56
Didn't pass this time, but I am confident that December's result will be better. CONGRATS to all those who passed. I am sure I'll be seeing you all next June for Level 2 :-).
@2008-07-29 19:46:05
Got through, over 70% on Alt Inv and Quant.

Bring on Level 2
@2008-07-29 20:00:55
woohoo!!! passed level 1
congrats to all that passed, those that didn't, well give it one more shot in dec, ample time for it!
got pretty damn lucky: >70 in 5, 50-70 in 3 and <50 in 2. prob just scraped the pass! doesnt matter now.
level 2 seems to be a monster - it can wait for a while - time to enjoy the moment!
thanks to analystnotes - thats all i used in 3 weeks! concise los, good question bank and mocks... never got above 70 in any of the mocks, but level here is higher i presume!
see you in easter 09!
@2008-07-29 22:24:48
Passed level 1. Got >70% on 6 sections, 51-70 on 3, and 1 less than 50 (alt. inv). Did the 40/60/80 calc. and obtained a 168.8/240=70.3%

Really super happy when i got the results, jumped up outta my seat at work yelling my excitement. Should do a better job of composing myself.

Well congratualations to those who passed and best of luck on L2. to those who didn't, better luck next time
@2008-08-19 15:35:40
I passed because of FSA, I guess.

Level 2: Pass
Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70%
- Alternative Investments 18 * - -
- Corporate Finance 36 - - *
- Derivatives 36 - * -
- Economics 18 - - *
- Equity Investments 72 - * -
- Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - * -
- Financial Statement Analysis 72 - - *
- Fixed Income Investments 36 * - -
- Portfolio Management 18 * - -
- Quantitative Methods 18 * - -
@2008-08-20 00:52:21
Anyone want to start a study group for Level 3?
@2008-08-20 20:36:23
gettavr6t, so you passed and only studied for two months? How did that go? Did you only use CFAi text books or did you use any other additional study notes?
@2008-08-22 04:59:10
Thanks analysts notes passed Level 2 first time with FSA, Equity,Fixed Income,Economics and QT above 70%. But why no level 3 material

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