AuthorTopic: feasible for an engineer to crack CFA?
@2015-07-12 14:38:56
Hi Guys!!!

I am a Bachelor in Engineering. I am thinking of doing CFA. Do u think it is feasible for a guy like me from engineering background to clear cfa exams? I do have good knowledge of derivatives. But nutin much apart from it. I am planning to appear for Level 1 Dec 2015. Also I am working in an IT company.

guys let me know how much time appx. will it take for a guy like me to prepare for level 1 exams? also is it feasible for an engineer to crack cfa?
@2015-07-25 04:50:43
I am the same as you. My Bachelor is computer science. For me, I think full time study is ok . If part-time, as my job need OT. I don't have enough time to prepare for it.
@2015-07-31 07:13:14
My background is in engineering, and I was able to pass level 1. I spent about 4 months thoroughly reading the text and answering (and trying to understand) all of the questions in the text. It took some work and focus, but it worked out well.
@2016-11-13 14:00:43
Maybe enroll for the Jun17 exam.

The math related in engineering would help allot in your CFA studies.

Also, all the material you need is given to you so time and perserverance are all you should need.

If you push it out a little more, you would have more time to prepare. Alternatively, you could enroll for the Dec L1 exam and have no life for the next 4 month... whatever suits.

Let us know what you decide.

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