AuthorTopic: Feedback: faults in scoring
@2003-10-12 05:10:09
A note to site developers:

I found that sometimes summary of the exam taken reports answers different from those that I have submitted (e.g. answers for questions 18-30 are all "C"s, while I had them all different). It has happened more than once, so, can be an issue with PHP or even with the client browser connectivity.

By all means, it's not a critical issue, just can be annoying to see your rating slip way down. It's difficult to provide with other details of what may have caused it. During the exam once I have experienced a connection delay after clicking Next question. Please contact me if you require more details.

I meant to avoid posting a general technical issue in this forum, however was unable to find 'support' or 'bug report' section on this site. I suggest to consider such in the future as I can see a few messages like mine that are not intended to be in the general forum.

Otherwise I want to thank developers for such a great and versatile resource for a fraction of the cost that other providers charge. Great job and good luck to all candidates!
@2003-10-14 18:42:57
Oops... Lost the exam results again - MySQL connection failed: too many connections
@2003-10-14 23:20:26
sorry. there were too many connections: 174 users online at the same time!

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh