AuthorTopic: Fell asleep during oficial exam
@2019-07-08 10:11:19
I had a very rough week. I decided to take my vacations in Paris and sit for the test there.

It was a very bad idea.

Arrived to Paris seven days before the test, so that my body can get over the jetlag and use to the weather and stuff. But seven days were too many days, believe me, nothing beats summer in Europe.

Started to go out every day, coming back home at 5 or 6am... waking up next day at 3pm... you can imagine what happened Friday before the exam, I could not sleep at all!

I was on time at the test center, but as I read through each CFA question, images of things I did in Paris passed though my mind over and over.

I was fighting against myself, trying to keep focused, but eventually fall asleep... when I woke up, my ID was not at the same place, so I realized that one proctor checked out my ID and ticket while I was sleeping. That was embarrassing.

I left the test center 1/2 hour before time ended, I started to guess all the answers, some of the questions I did tried to answer them... but from the material, I covered only until session 9, so half of the material had no idea what was about.

Just for the record, I am an engineer with an MBA.

Anyway, do not try it.


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