AuthorTopic: fellow torontonian candidates
@2003-06-01 22:11:00
Can any of you big city folk tell me what the job market is like over there? Milking cows for a living is getting to be a bit repetitive, and I`m now looking for a career change.

Perhaps a job with a fund company or trading with one of the big 5 banks. Some sort of analyst position would be great too. I`d need at least 50 g`s to make it worth my while in your overpriced megacity. But given that I`ll be writing level 2 next year, and hopefully level 3 the year after that, I thought I'd relocate to the economic powerhouse of Canada and get a job on Bay street so that when the markets, and the economy start to improve I'll be there to ride the wave.

Seriously, how long would it take a nice, good looking guy like me, who will pass level 1 this year, and has seven years experience with two different banks, to land a decent job?

@2003-06-05 09:13:14
Your timing couldn't be worse, and CFA level I is almost completely useless. If you're working at a bank right now, look for internal postings. Otherwise good luck...
@2003-06-12 16:14:11
I've been in this rat race for 5 years and I'd have to say that the market is pretty tight. Yes there are jobs out there, but you'll have to pound the pavement pretty hard. What might be equally hard is finding an affordable place to live. 50 grand might seem like an all right salary, but in TO., it won't go far, especially if you want to go see the Raptors play.

best of luck

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