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@2005-10-02 11:14:59
i am in the process of making a do you guys put on your resume the exams you have you have a section called "relevant exams" and then somehting like Level I - and the date..

are dates necessary

whats teh best way to present this..

@2005-10-07 03:43:45
Make sure to mention that it is an elite exam that very few can endure, that you passed on the first try, and that you will be able to manage portfolios at the end of the process.
@2005-10-14 08:31:05
also, make sure to put CFA II in bold font and bigger than your name.

be sure to take your card to the aimr conference too. that will impress people.
@2005-10-16 09:21:48
Dates are probably not necessary but the exams (which levels) should be noted in an educational section.
@2005-10-19 05:49:10
I use a section called "Qualifications" where I put CFA levels passed, Series 7, 63, etc.
@2005-12-13 15:27:42
Some of the earlier comments are rather synical - If you are a candidate or have passed certain levels then you'd know what i am specifically talking about.

Your resume is yours and is about your personal approach (personality). Do so as you wish but just make sure you abide with the applicable Standard.

By the looks of things, one can't take what they read here seriously. Diminishes all credibility of the forums.

tholman and lentz, get a life.
@2005-12-26 04:19:35
WOW...I don't know what to say, if in fact you passed the level one exam, you should know exactly how to relay you credentials in reference to the CFA exams that you have passed. Please refer to Standard VII of the CFA Institute Code of Ethics entitled "Repsonisbilities as a CFA Institute Member or CFA Candidate."

ps Thanks for keeping it real Muna
@2007-09-23 10:12:06
guys, My name is Emdad living in Tokyo. I would like to write level one test. As I am a fresh undergraduaute, could anyl one suggest/advice me the best way to prepare myself to pass level one. I should appreciate if you could help me out on that.

@2007-10-04 19:29:28
same here, just finished undergrad in maths and econ - some advice on how to prepare for this exams wud be greatly appreciated.
@2007-10-05 11:49:40
Hey Emdad,

I am also studying for the CFA level I exam in Tokyo. I think joining a study group might be helpful but at the end individual studying is key to success.


@2007-11-29 01:47:51
ADVICE: Study all the LOS a lot, practice a lot of questions and do practice exams. If you understand the material, you will pass the test. As for studying in groups, I found it is not an efficient use of time. Only you can read and practice questions, no one else can do that for you. Having people around is good if you get bored by yourself.
@2010-04-27 02:42:40
Hi all,

i am a fresh graduate and i am studying for lvl 1 exam in june 2008.

is it worth to find a job these days or wait till i finish my exam?:D

and will it add value to my resume, if i passed lvl 1 exam ? please advise

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