AuthorTopic: Financial Prep Software/El Paso Study Buddy
@2004-01-22 22:37:01
Has anyone used the Financial Prep Software to prepare for the exam? Is $349.95 worth the cost? Is anyone in El Paso studying for that exam? Thanks for any feedback.
@2004-01-25 18:41:12
No, don't use it.
@2004-01-28 11:14:35
I appreciate the feedback Purplyboy. Thanks for saving $350 from my pockets.
@2004-01-29 09:12:13
Well, for me it was a total waste of time. Their questions, at least what I thought, had nothing to do with the exam. Also, the way some of the questions for equity and corporate finance were done diffferently than the books and on the level I exam. I would stay away from this.
@2004-01-31 15:07:44
The guys at Financial Prep are sharks. If they've got your phone number or email then its already too late for you.

But if you haven't given them your details yet you should beware. Once they get your details they will not stop until they sell you their overpriced product: a few hundred past study guide questions. It does no harm if you are rich, but it will hurt if you are not. Go with cfacenter... Check old posts on this topic.
@2004-03-27 09:19:11
thank you for saving me... i was very close to buy their product actually. now i will use allen resources videos and this cfa center...

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