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@2008-09-25 07:27:27
I don't have a clue and I am due to take the DEC08 level 1 exam. Where do I start? I am a failed trainee actuary who managed to pass all but 3 of the 100 series actuarial exams,now working for an investemnt bank in OTC Derivatives. Can someone kindly advise me. Thank you
@2008-09-25 23:22:17
Dear Friend,

You should never sound like this. Get up and strat studing if you have already registered. After you spend some time you will figure out yourself what to do next. This program needs a solid dedicuation and by the way noone has time to reply queries like yours so start studing. Don't sleep now.
@2008-09-26 10:07:47

I just wanted to some assistance on the best way to tackle the financial analysis module. Maybe i did not myself clear . but thanks anyway- i have devised a study plan for this module.

Kind Regards
@2008-09-27 04:24:37
Don't worry as long as Figer is not your boss,who seem to fire people when they asked questions like yours.

Well happy you have got a plan for yourself, but what I did was to have a mastery of the first session in FSA.That made me familiar with the terms, and is because I took it more slowly than I did with other sessions. You may also want to concerntrate on question targets, in more cases it is around effect of corporate decisions on BS or Financial statement eg inventory model,tax effects,capitalising versus operationalising expenses,write off decisions,capital and operational leases etc.

You must also put some extra time on ratios analysis and understand the effects of the decisions above on the various ratios. With that, my guess is that, you may one day become figer's boss.

Don't hesitate to contact me anytime you need extra assistance, I am doing level 2 in June 2009 and I want to be happy hearing you are part of too.
@2008-10-01 06:23:10
Hello Sir,

Don't get me wrong please. I was just making a point to get him serious about the study notes and was not aware that he is asking for FSA.

Anyway am sorry for the comment.
@2008-10-01 09:44:18
epiziL2- thanks-much appreciated.

Figer-no worries.


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