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@2007-12-03 13:58:38
This topic is done for helping anyone in his/her study in the FSA.

please post any confusing problems or if you want discussion.
@2007-12-03 18:54:29
Is option premium paid for Call/ Put options on Equity index or interest rates, is application of Cash from Operations or Cash from Investing.
@2007-12-04 11:01:40
Hi Gany , inorder to maintain consistensy here, i hope we do this forum with a more organized topics.. so please post your schedule for studying FSA... inorder to fulfill weak points in each study session..

my schedule will be as follow
each in 2 days .. :-) coz its my second read..

@2007-12-05 08:26:12
please send your scheudle or any idea :-)
@2008-05-02 16:58:16
Hi everyone, I'm Hiep, i am pursuing level I. I have one issue to discuss with you. You see, there are two ways to develop statement of cashflows (direct and indirect), so, can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of them? and when the company that we perform FSA decide to use the direct method, what are the problems we encounter?
@2008-05-09 16:55:24
Hey Gney,

Thankyou for your question.

My openion is that price paid for derivates is an investment and hence, is a CFI (outflow). It should be reported in B/S under investment. Contingent claims shoul be disclosed in Off-the-balance sheet disclosure. any gain or loss should be reported to Other Comprehensive Income and in Equity. I think you may have an overall idea.

Share if any alternative openion.
@2008-05-13 11:01:44

Repeating Level 2 in June and looking to see the major changes between this year and last.22 deletions in FSA and nine new. IS there any substantial topic changes
@2008-06-08 10:49:11
FSA can be done but the choice of questions and time management is material
@2010-04-29 08:34:31
Hi all,
I have this doubt about FSA Level II.
Reading on defined benefit pension plan.

According to IFRS, pension liability or asset is shown on balance sheet after taking off unrecognized effects.
According to FASB it is the funded status that is shown.

When I change an assumption (lets say actuarial discount rate down) so that I have higher Projected Pension Obligation.

According to FASB funded status increases, liability increases and it is balanced by decreasing equity in Other Comprehensive Income. OK.

According to IFRS, reported liability stays the same, but I may change comprehensive income thus lowering equity.
The question is, where is the offsetting change in the Balance sheet according to IFRS?

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