AuthorTopic: Finished all readings. What next?
@2019-04-01 13:45:17
Hi there,

I recently graduated from McGill Universtity with a BCom Finance and I'm registered to take the CFA Level I exam in June. Today, I just about finished reading all of the books that came with the CFA registration. This gives me about 60 days until the exam. Do you think that I'm in trouble? I haven't started doing any mock exams just yet, but I've been doing some EOC questions and I did almost all 3000+ basic question that come with study notes at the site.

What would you suggest as a good strategy from now on? I have the analystpro package. Should I start from there, or maybe review all the EOC questions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I currently don't have a job, so I can technically study all day, every day.

Thanks a lot!
@2019-04-03 15:10:17
CFAI EOC questions are very much like the exam questions since they are developed by CFAI itself. They are the least which you should do before appearing into the exam. Mock exams from analystnotes will give you the idea of your weaker and strong areas. Then do all review questions for each study session. Revise the weak ones and make your strong areas stronger. After that appear in mock so that you may get the experience of exam environment and gauge your stamina for sitting into the exam especially in the last moments of the afternoon session. Make sure you give your best shot in CFAI Mock and CFAI EOC questions as they are less in number and they are a kind of proxy to judge your position. The CFAI chapter end summaries are very helpful in revising especially in Level I make sure you go through them too.

Good Luck
@2019-05-29 07:29:25
If you have a Bcom in Fin from Mcgill and didn't do too badly then I'm sure 60 days is enough. It's kind of annoying when you know 80% of the material, cos you have to spend all this time reading stuff you well understand to find the few parts that are new, I definitely think they need better subheadings.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach