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@2004-04-07 14:19:43

I'm looking for some advice.

I live in Dublin, Ireland. I graduated a year and a half a go with a BA in Accounting and Finance. I didn't fancy going into Accountancy like most of my friends so I got a job in the back office of a Fund Management Company in Dublin. While there I did CFA Level I off my own bat (just bought the notes from this wonderful site). The company only sponsored CFA for the London office so I decided I didn't fancy working and studying for level II with no help from my employer again. I resigned and I decided to go see a bit of the world and study for Level II.

I'm going to teach English in Japan for the next few months and take Level II in Tokyo.

My question is where can I go from ther? Equity research is where I would like to work. I'd be willing to move to London, Hong Kong or New York.

Would I be better waiting until I have Level II and III complete or could I start looking for a job in July? What sort of positions would I be qualified for?


@2004-06-04 12:06:29
Hi Mark,
Susan here from Ireland I lived and worked in dublin for 4 years i am from the country.
I live and work in New York a year now
I have a degree in Maths and I am trying to get into finance the job situation in new york is the hardest I have ever experienced in my life so I thought i would do the cfa exam to help me get into finance.
Are the notes to advanced for someone who never did finance also are the notes alone good enough to pass the 2004 exam??Soorry cant help u with u question!!susan
@2004-06-09 22:19:17
If i do CA do i get exemptions for CFA. Anyone know?
@2004-09-26 04:29:53
CFA doesnt provide exemptions for even Ph.d'sa.
@2005-01-25 05:29:47
what's the secret of getting into these equity research firms?
@2005-06-04 14:30:33
Darn luck (and perseverance?) Don't take me wrong, I do smth else for life that I enjoy. But know a few blokes who do the research. Yes, smart guys, masters and phds, and not all are CFAs. But one area where they all clearly excel is - interpersonal skills. Good luck now :)

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!