AuthorTopic: First sample exam score
@2019-03-28 17:53:10
Just kicked of my review today with a sample exam to see where I am. Score 62% on 60 questions over 120mins. Gave away some easy points but landed some wild guesses. Looking at past posts this seems normal but I am curious to hear from any other Level I June candidates who have scored a sample exam.
@2019-03-29 20:31:09
You'll need to get 33% faster: on the real exam you'll have only 90 minutes for 60 questions, not 120 minutes.

Good first showing. Now, get fast at the stuff you know well and really fast at the stuff you know really well. You still have time, but pick up the pace.

When you take your next practice exam, allot only 90 seconds per question; to allow yourself more is to cheat yourself.
@2019-05-19 16:10:48
62% with 2+ months left is a very comfortable position to be in. I only had a couple weeks left when I first took my practice exam

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