AuthorTopic: Five weeks to cram!
@2015-04-26 05:15:56
I have 80-100 hours between now and the June exam to cram. I know it's a tough place to be, but I want to use my time as wisely as possible. I was planning on reading analystnotes' study notes, taking basic questions, and then taking sample exams and reviewing topics. A lot of the material is not new to me, but the amount is overwhelming, just getting a handle on the details and remembering the logic of the formulas and the formulas themselves. I definitely couldn’t take an exam now and pass, I really need to do a thorough review first. I would appreciate any advice that will give me the best chance of passing! THANKS!
@2015-04-27 02:51:58
100 hours is a little unrealistic imo. I would say you could probably do about 60-70 tops without crashing. I think your best bet would be to take one AN mock exam today and see where your weaknesses are and focus on the ones that are weighted the most. I would probably start the review with FRA - Ethics - Fixed Income - Quant - Equity - Econ - Corp Fin - Derivatives - PM - Alt Investments
@2015-05-16 01:47:11
You're out of your mind if you think 100 hours will do unless you've got a PhD in Finance or have close to a photographic memory. You could probably get through the notes in 40hrs, then the basic questions are another 40... you're at 80 before you even look at a review question... 3.5 practice exams isn?t bad but still...If you have your heart set and are already signed up, I?d directly try all questions, make flash cards for all the equations and differences between GAAP and IFRS then start going through them, read the CFAI Ethics portion then start hitting mock questions or mock exams. Good luck.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt