AuthorTopic: For those wondering with the CFA is worth it ...
@2019-01-31 19:47:37
I got word that I passed my level one exams in July. Since then I've gotten a huge surge in interest from employers. I have landed an internship and have am on the short list for positions at an asset management company and a large energy company.
@2019-02-03 23:03:32
Congrats. I would surmise you are at a very junior analyst level yes? Recent college or still in college?

Once you have some experience, L1 doesn't do anything for you anymore.
@2019-04-12 09:31:04

I graduated in 2014 with a BA in history from the University of Delaware and currently reside in the state. I do have a couple of years experience in a big 4 firm and internship experience in finance. The positions are still junior in nature though it provides some experience on the trading floor. I am going to remain vague in the nature of the positions since I am still on the short list for a couple of full time positions.

I did get accepted to an internship with a derivatives company through a contact I made at the CFA society. The contact has been gratious enough to give me a paid set of mini Project based internships to develop my skill set while giving me the freedom to pursue the other positions in the interim.

If you have the time, I would strongly suggest volunteering with your local chapter. It provides an opportunity to network and learn more about the investment community. The Philly chapter normally holds an event each week.

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