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@2007-06-04 23:51:36
Is there anyone here from Nigeria that succeeded in registering with Nigerian certificates?

I need advice.

CFA asked me to contact my university when I asked CFA to confirm if my Nigerian BSc in Accountancy is equivalent to US degree for the purpose of registering and enrolling. I am afraid of losing at least $100 dollars if they reject my school certficates.

Is there any CFA holders from Nigeria that you can refer me to to get advice on how they solved the problem?

Incidentally, I am residing in Canada now and working in one of the five big banks in Toronto.
@2007-06-06 08:49:38
In my country (Europe) there is a government institution in charge of translating (for a fee) degrees from different countries into national equivalents. Maybe there is such an institution also in the US or in Canada. My advice would be to check with a local Canadian university whether they could direct you to any such institution.
@2007-06-06 18:13:43
U can send your transcripts to, which is an organization located in the US specializing on the evaluation of foreign credentials on both, graduate and undergraduate levels. They ll be able to tell you within 7 days, whether your degree is an "equivalent" to a BA or not.

However, it costs $150.

Good Luck!

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