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@2015-06-11 02:11:48

I guess its depressing to read forum over and over again while waiting for the results. I guess we should all put our hands up and say THATS IT!! Do anyone feel depressing day by day??

Well I have started studying excel and VBA for financial modelling. If anyone has some good tips and materials, I will really appreciate.


@2015-06-14 21:52:17
I'm starting to get seriously depressed after realizing that I got quite a few of the questions we have discussed wrong... time to pack it in and get sloshed... and just wait for the results... I'm not enjoying this at all.
@2015-06-17 09:35:22
PJ, I don't think you should worry too much and don't get discouraged by reading the posts here.
You've done your "homework" diligently and I am pretty sure you'll be in the 30% pass list (even if the pass rates this low). I want to thank you for helping me out w/ Derivatives and PM topics. You really made it easy for me to understand the concepts I was originally intimidated by. Thanks for putting together the online study group. We should do it again for level 2 (being beary beary optimistic about myself :))
@2015-06-27 11:22:39
Agreed, I hope everyone will be back for level 2 assuming we pass.
@2015-07-01 16:15:02
Hi Friend,
If could give me your contact details, i could send you few materials on advance excel.

Sumit, etencfa
@2015-07-02 17:57:58
I felt very comfortable when I left the Exam Hall. But currently am very depressed. Anybody feeling the same?

Hi simply,
Am also interested in the Advanced Excel stuff can u please send it to my e-mail.

Thanks in advance
@2019-09-15 09:40:57
Am also interested in the Advanced Excel stuff can u please send it to my e-mail

also depression i think can be dealt with motivational you tube videos & off course i use vlounge to keep me calm lol this is serious guys try it

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