AuthorTopic: form a group in Hong Kong
@2005-07-25 22:22:28
Hihi, I will take the level 1 in Dec2005, and will form a study group, pls leave your message if you want to join.....looking forward to seeing you
@2005-08-01 11:39:44
hi, i am a student from new york, but i also come from hong kong. can you share me some of the info about the level one exam. i intend to take it in june 2006. but i still dont have any idea about where can i obtain the practice questions and so on. can you recommend some to me.

thanks and hope you have good result.
@2006-09-11 09:57:13
hi, i am preparing for dec 2006 exams, want to join the group. mail me back.

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