AuthorTopic: Formula for measuring CFA passing mark.
@2008-07-22 12:37:27
I was lately told by a CFA charterholder that the formula to calculate the passing mark for CFA Level 1 was as below:

Passing mark= (Mark for 1% best student) x (70%)

For instance, suppose the mark for the 1% best candidate is 80%, the passing mark therefore will be:

80% x 70%= 50%

Any comment for the above formula?

Kien Boon, from Kuala Lumpur =)
@2008-07-22 12:39:26
I appologise for the calculation error, the precise calculation should be:

80% x 70%= 56%

Sorry about that.
@2008-11-16 12:25:38
nah, that's a bunch of BS. the actual formula is not released by CFAI. go to the website and if you look at some of the older articles from CFAI, they discuss this. on an annual basis, the board of directors decide how they will do it (usually based on the amount of briberies from each country and how the coin lands)
@2009-01-01 06:18:49
i hope that would be about right, as if you check down the past few years the pass rates just keep getting lower.... so we have to get together and KO those guys who get 95%'s, so the rest of us can pass!!!

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!