AuthorTopic: Formula provided at exam?
@2008-05-26 09:36:43
I am taking L1 in June and would like to know if any form of formulas will be provided at the exam?
Just like to know what is provided on exam day besides the exam question.
@2008-05-28 10:56:20
I do not think so. you are allowed only to take your calculator, pencils HB, rubber.
@2008-05-29 11:55:47
What about the tables of z-table, f-distribution, chi-quadrat-table? Are they provided at exam day or do the CFA-institute only asks for common significance levels?
@2008-05-30 01:17:01
You have to calcualte evrything. No tables.
@2008-05-30 10:32:13
^^ I think they gonna give the appropriate table sections included in the questions that we need them for.
@2008-05-30 20:42:31
Yes, the tables are provided. Not the entire tabbles, but relevant portions per question
@2008-06-02 01:28:38
OK. The tables are not provided.
@2008-06-02 03:23:30
for pencils, can i use mechanical pencil with 2B lead? or must i use sharpened HB pencil?
@2008-06-05 21:20:12
i spoke to CFA charter holder and he says appropriate tables will be provided if needed in a question.
@2008-06-08 10:34:26
I never asked for the tables nobody had provided me with the tables....

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