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@2015-09-09 19:58:34
are you allowed a formula sheet at the exam? it doesn't seem to make sense not to allow it since in the real world you can look up formulae all you want. but will they allow it, or am I going to need to nail down everything on the formula list?
@2015-01-11 13:37:17
Do as many practice question as possible. Once you've answered about 3 questions that require the formula in question it will become second nature. I learned about 50% of the formulae in the two weeks before the exam, I leaned another 30% while studying and didn't know (forgot) the other 20%.

Here's one that I got tattooed on my bum because I loved it much..

E(R)= R(risk free) + beta[R (market risk premium)]
@2015-10-11 13:09:19
You are not allowed to carry a formula sheet or any other study materials on the exam. Imagine that it's cumbersome to define a list of formulas that are "allowed" and to check and validate each candidate's formula sheet.

It's true that in the real life you can always look up formulas just as you can look up anything that's on the curricula; does that mean that it makes sense to allow the candidates to bring all their study materials to the exam?

Anyway, in most of the cases you have to nail the underlying concepts of the formula and not the formula itself, it's easier this way.

Regards and good luck with the formulas,
@2015-11-20 19:22:36
No formula sheet is allowed. Not any types of sheets are allowed. All you can bring is pencil, eraser, some food and a calculator. Memorize formulas. I know it's hard but what else...
@2019-03-01 08:12:50
You have to memorize formula. But pick those common and famous ones since you can't remember all.

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
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