AuthorTopic: Free june 2004 notes for members!!!
@2003-12-24 01:20:07
Dear Mike :

I am a member since june , 2002. Few months ago, I learnt from the forum that the registered members can have the June 2004 notes (PDF version ) for free .

Is it possible for me to get those notes as I have already received the dec 2003 notes!!! If yes, Pls send me at

Best Regards
@2003-12-24 02:29:07
If you are a paid member (not only registered member) since June, you will be able to get the 2004 notes which will be available at the end of the month.


Mike Xiao
@2004-01-03 02:51:31
Dear Mike :

Yhanks for your reply. I am a paid member since 17th June, 2003. Please sent me the notes for june 2004 in PDF Format at insted of

Pls let me know when I can expect the notes.

@2004-01-03 02:53:36
Dear Mike :

Its me again. I made a printing mistake regarding my membership(Paid) date.... the year should be 2003 instead of 2002. Pls ignore it.

Waiting eagerly for the june 2004 notes.


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