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@2008-11-01 16:04:29
This is RichyMinks. I forgot my password and had to reregister. To the person who answered my last question, thanks. Anyway, I have less than 200 days before I sit for Level 1. I need some help! I am going to take a classroom package in January but I know I going to need some prep before then. How do I fully optimize this website and the relationships of my fellow warriors in arms on this site?
@2008-11-06 19:13:56
I am pretty new myself. I am sitting for the December exam, so if I pass I'll get back to you. Where are you from? The Boston Securities Analyst Society has been sending me mail about a review course - unfortunately I can't afford it right now (I just completed graduate school and am looking for a job, and it's over $800). Good luck!
@2008-11-09 18:45:34

I am located in Atlanta. The course I will be taking is in January. I went to one of their free sessions a while ago and it impressed me. Also I knew a few people that took the course and passed Level 1, however they worked for Bloomberg also and the company was giving them their full support. Thanks for the tip. I will look for any Securities Analyst Societies here in Atl or Georgia.
@2008-11-19 13:02:34

To fully utilize this site, purchase access. This will allow you to use all Study Session notes and practice questions for each SS. The notes are based on the LOC's CFA Institute recommends mastering in order to prepare for the exam. I will be studying from the recommended texts. Then I will outline those texts, and answer the questions at the back of the chapters. Once this is done, I will use the notes on this site to refine my understanding of the LOCs, finally taking the practice questions. This has worked so far. On SS1 questions, I am only 50 out 60, but some of these questions are bogus.

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.