AuthorTopic: Getting worried!!
@2018-10-25 22:25:54
my ranking on these test questions doesn't seem to be getting any better!!!
Is everyone improving or something?
incidentally, any idea what standard you think is prevalent on this site? going by June's result (34% pass) if this site is a fair reflection we need a ranking of 66% to pass!!
@2018-10-26 05:23:54
I think the number of users may affect the ranking statistics. To see what would happen, I deliberately missed all 30 questions and still got a 5%, while getting only 68% when I received a 29/30 on one of the sections. Besides, the people on this site are probably little more motivated and prepared than the average candidate. I know few people taking the exam with less than 100 hrs studying time and no mock exam preparation. Good luck!
@2018-10-28 11:33:16
Maybe AnalystNotes don't want to worry people by giving them scores of less than 30 so they set a floor on it. Some of the practice exams are very easy so a lot of people could get 30/30, but I would like to know what people are getting on the mocks, I placed in the 47th percentile when i did one last week, and hope that it is representative in some way if I get 70% next time. Also, only took 90 mins, would like to know people's similar experiences because i only have 1 other mock aside from the CFA center ones so would like to get an idea of how useful they really are.
@2018-10-29 09:26:14
According to the website and feedback from people who studied at AnalystNotes, the mock exams were more difficult. If you are able to get 70% on these exams, you're probably ok.
@2018-11-27 12:02:53
90 minutes - legendary stuff - i scraped in with 5 mins to spare!! i think 70 % is more than enough. i read on another forum 55-60% should be enough on the real exam and i don't think this one can be easier by all accounts

good luck

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I passed! I did not get a chance to tell you before the exam - but your site was excellent. I will definitely take it next year for Level II.
Tamara Schultz

Tamara Schultz