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@2016-04-23 22:31:03
Hello, dear all:
I am the new one and intend to take CFA exam in the later of this year. Now I am lack of knowledge about CFA L1 exam. Would any one give me some information and suggestion?

Thanks a lot
@2016-04-26 15:13:03

I have still thinking about taking the CFA exam!!!! I have about 8 years business Mgt experience (Marketing Data Analysis). Can any of U guys suggest how much study time is required for CFA level 1. I have a 3 yrs old daughter and am scared that if CFA requires too much time I might not B able to cope with it!!! Any suggestions?
@2016-05-17 11:43:55
The amount of studying time of course varies. You may have heard of people saying that got through level I with minimal effort, but that's rare. Everyone that I know has spent about 2 hours a day every day from at least the beginning of march or feb. CFA Institute's guideline of about 250 hours approx. is probably fair.
@2016-05-22 21:15:44
I have an eight years old daughter and still finding it hard to balance among work, studying and help her with her study.

One thing i find helpful is to study side by side with her. She is at an age now she can study by herself, so we go to the library and bookstore to study. She studies her stuffs while I study mine.

Hope this helps,
@2016-05-25 12:54:21
Please don't take this the wrong way, xiaofei, but to pass the CFA you MUST get better at your English. The exam only covers USA rules and regulations, and the wording of the questions is extremely tricky, even for me! (And I am a USA citizen who has lived here my whole life!) Please don't take offense, I just want to help!

Good luck!
@2019-07-13 14:09:01
rhardin, agree absolutely!

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