AuthorTopic: Guidance on prep strategy for Level I ?
@2019-03-11 16:22:07
I'd like to discuss with you various preparation strategies and study notes, and get advice on what is your recommended strategy and notes, both in the long run and what techniques you intend to use when the actual exam date approaches?

I read somewhere on this site that a recommended order of study (in case of time pressure) is (with their exam weight):
1. Quantitative methods (12%)
2. Financial statements and Corporate finance (30%)
3. Asset valuation - equity, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments (10% + 10% + 5% + 5%)
4. Ethics (15%) - kept until later so you'd remember the details on the exam...
5. The rest (if within the available time constraints)

As for study notes and study material, including mock exams, I'd like your advice. I have started off by reading the actual CFA material (six volumes of about > 3000 pages plus appendices), but now use AnalystNotes as my primary study tool and only look up particularly difficult sections in the original notes. I have also access to old Schweser notes (last year's notes) but find that material more difficult to access than AnalystNotes. The Schweser notes put up each LOS and write a short explanation for each, which is a good thing, but at the same time the I find their material gets more fragmented and is therefore more difficult to get an overview over the entire curriculum.

AnalystNotes also provide questions, and a facility to attempt each failed question over and over again. Has anyone compared their questions database with e.g. the mock exams provided by CFA and/or e.g. the Schweser Question Bank software and/or other software?

In this thread it could also be interesting to hear if anyone has any experience in other notes than CFA original study material, AnalystNotes and Schweser? I have not heard of anyone using anything else than CFA in the original, Schweser and AnalystNotes.

Anyone knowing when the admission tickets will arrive, and have you guys all finished studying the bulk of the material by now (March for June exam) and are now more concentrated on reviewing the difficult sections?

CFA Discussion Topic: Guidance on prep strategy for Level I ?

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!