AuthorTopic: have you received my payment of $29?
@2003-08-14 17:33:18
I just sent you $29 and received confirmation email from paypal. Have you received it? When can I access the study materials again? Please respond and let me access as soon as possible!!!!
@2003-08-14 23:35:50
I am in the the same situation as Optimum. Let me know what the status is, Mike.


@2003-08-15 02:24:31
hello guys:

your accounts have been updated to "paid" status, and you should have received our notes by email. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Other friends:
please allow a maximum of 24 hours for us to process your order, although we try to finish the process within a few hours normally.


The CFACenter Team
@2003-08-18 00:23:57

I paid using payingfast last week, how long does it usually take ?
for you to update my status?

@2003-08-18 02:56:13
Hi Collins:

we just received the notice from Payingfast: your account status has been updated and you should have received our notes in you email account...

By the way you forgot to specify your logon name in the subject line of the order.

Thanks a lot,

@2003-08-18 03:16:02
I submitted payment through paypal on 17th August. I haven't received confirmation mail, although the payment instructions mentioned that I will be sent confirmation mail immediately.

I did mention my logon name in the subject line of the order.

When will my account be activated ?


CFA Discussion Topic: have you received my payment of $29?

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