AuthorTopic: Have you received payment?
@2003-08-25 04:57:10
i have already paid you $29 by paypal a couple of days ago, but i havenot got any materials about the cfa notes until now, i donot know what is going on? i just want to get my notes as soon as possible,
i think u should give me answers.
@2003-08-25 23:20:18
Hello Rogerjj:

The email account you have with us is not valid. We tried twice to send you the notes but all failed. Please double check your email address and send a working one to us: we will do the rest within 24 hours.


@2003-08-28 01:10:19
Mike, sorry about that, i checked it and modified it, if that still doesnot work, you can send the notes to the new address, that is, , sorry man, your web is very exciting, i love it.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!